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Coronavirus and apartment rental

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly complicated the lives of many people. Apartment owners and tenants are also in a difficult situation. There are many questions and doubts about the rental during this period. Does the coronavirus entitle either party to terminate the contract on the basis of so-called “force majeure”? Is it possible to reduce … Read more

Lease agreement based on general principles

In the popular consciousness it has become established that the parties to a lease agreement can practically freely form the provisions. This is not entirely true, drawing up the agreement should take into account not only our preferences, but also the letter of the law. Lease agreements are concluded under different circumstances. For this … Read more

Occasional lease agreement

Umowa najmu okazjonalnego to alternatywa dla umowy na zasadach ogólnych. Staje się coraz popularniejszą propozycją chociaż wymaga trochę więcej formalności przy jej zastosowaniu. Nie odstrasza to jednak Stron do jej stosowania. Occasional lease agreement Artykuł 19a ust. 1 wyjaśnia, że umowa najmu okazjonalnego lokalu to umowa, w której Wynajmujący jest osobą fizyczną, … Read more