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Home staging

Professional preparation of real estate for rent

Home staging is activities based on the preparation of a property for a successful lease, increasing the attractiveness and amount of the offer. The implementation of a “turnkey” project depends on the condition of the premises, which translates into the number of activities to be performed.

The interiors that I recommend home staging are:

  • “cluttered” with an excess of items, furniture and decorative accessories
  • “Raw”, that is, unfurnished and undecorated
  • “Too personal” – properties where you can feel the presence of the owners by leaving private items such as photos in frames, holiday souvenirs and diaries

Regardless of the scope of work, the full home staging offer consists of:

  • initial consultation
  • developing a concept of changes and preparing a list of works
  • preparation of an estimated budget
  • signing the contract
  • implementation of recommended changes
  • coordination of the work of subcontracting teams
  • decoration and final styling
  • photo session

What can you expect from home staging?

  • Textiles – matched to the color of the interior, whose task is to warm the atmosphere. Conscious use of colors means that we will use other colors for the bedroom to calm down, and other colors in the living room / office to stimulate action.
  • Games of lights – lamps, lamps, lamps. The most beautiful interiors are those with many light sources. The play of lights is not only about the atmosphere, but also introducing new functions to the rooms.
  • Flowers –Plants in pots or flowers in vases enliven the interior.
  • Pictures and graphics – emphasize the functions of a given place, add life and make it more attractive. Colorful, patterned, big and small.
  • Highlighters – Everyone knows what a bookcase is for, but it will look much better if several books emphasize its function. Such items include cookie containers in the kitchen, comfortable pillows in the bedroom on the bed or a coffee machine in the coffee shop corner.

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