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Rentmasters Zarządzanie najmem w Krakowie


See how much you can gain by turning your property over to us for management

Free time

Getting to a presentation, answering calls and talking to interested parties or preparing an offer, description and photographs takes time, a lot of time that you can devote to your priorities. Rental management is the answer to reclaiming valuable time for what is really important to you.

Higher standard of rental

Verification of the tenant is the result of the components of experience, knowledge and skills, which ensure long-term peaceful rental of the apartment. We take care of verifications because we share a common goal with apartment owners - secure tenancy and stable remuneration.

Return on investment

Rental management te service, which has its price and thus becomes a cost. Being aware of how to increase the attractiveness of the rental offer, we create conditions that allow you to rent a property more expensively and compensate for the cost of rental management. Check the homestaging tab and photos of interiors to see the realizations.


We use occasional and institutional rental agreement (if possible) which are the safest form of rental. Tenants for the duration of the contract are required to have a tenant's liability policy in case of damage in excess of the deposit caused by, for example, flooding.

RentMasters is:


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Check how the long-term management works step by step

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People buy with their eyes. This saying is scientifically proven and also applies to rental. Check how we prepare photos for the advertisement.

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Homestaging is activities that increase attractiveness and return on investment. Check homestaging as an additional service for your property.

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About me

Working with me is first and foremost an opportunity to take the responsibilities of renting away from you while keeping the monetary gratification. So, if you value your time or do not live in Krakow I can take care of your apartment in the way you expect.

What makes me different?

RentMasters is a one-person company that values direct contact with clients. In order to offer comprehensive rental management (including repairing defects, refreshing apartments/homestaging) I cooperate with other contractors.

I care about the clarity of the message and the dynamics of the work, so my clients and tenants of the apartments I manage receive a password to the panel where they can check documents and information about their affairs at any time. I adjust the method of rental to the preferences of the owner, taking care to adapt the offer to the specifics of the property, location and target group.
Privately, in addition to real estate, I am interested in traveling on a motorcycle, in this way I have visited Croatia, Italy, Montenegro. The appetite for travel grows with “food”, in the nearest travel plans is Morocco. Motorcycle is my way to Krakow’s congested streets and to relax.

Oliwia Białończyk

CEO RentMasters


Great contact

We have been working with Olivia for a year now. We have a great contact with her, she always answers the phone or quickly replies to emails. This direct contact is what we lacked in a large management company. Most importantly, the apartment was rented quickly (2.5 weeks) and so far the management and the lease itself is smooth and flawless. I recommend.

Full professionalism

The company showed complete professionalism and a pleasant approach to the client. Ms. Oliwia as CEO of RentMasters carefully explained the rules that apply in the rental market, how much what will cost and what to pay attention to when renting apartments. She suggested several options for furnishing the apartment because of the tenants. She organized the renovation team herself and completed the formalities of listing the apartment on the Internet portals. To date, I am fully satisfied and heartily recommend the company.


Highly recommended! I met Ms. Oliwia from RentMasters when I was looking for an apartment to rent and I am very impressed with her professional approach and competence. Ms. Oliwia showed me two apartments, substantively presenting all the rules of renting and answering all my questions. And importantly, she did not urge to rent this or that apartment, which is important, because this should be left to the landlord's decision. I am very satisfied with the cooperation with RentMasters and the apartment I rented through them.

Professional, comprehensive service

I recommend without a doubt. Professional, comprehensive real estate service. Guarantee of holy peace of mind and friendly assistance in any situation. Direct contact with Ms. Bialończyk also facilitates a lot - she is a very committed and helpful administrator.

More than I expected

At first I was not convinced by this model, but now I do not regret it. The apartment rented for more than I expected, so the cost I incur in management is practically imperceptible. And what holy peace of mind I have now ;) Full professionalism!

Nice and friendly

Olivia is a very nice and friendly lady. She helped us finalizing apartment through rentmasters. very active on emails and phone number to help anytime. thank you.

Sympathetic cooperation

I recommend ! Two years of very pleasant cooperation.

Quick contact and expertise

I wanted to efficiently handle the rental of my daughter's apartment, who lives abroad. Thanks to the management, I did not have to drive from another city to sign the contract with the tenant. In addition, Ms. Olivia visits the tenant, which I would not have been able to afford due to commuting and my work. I appreciate the quick contact and support with expertise at every stage of cooperation.

House well taken care of

I have the pleasure of working with them on my apartment rental. The knowledge and constant contact with the client is priceless. I have a lot of fondness for my apartment due to the fact that it was my home before, so I feel comfortable with the fact that it is well taken care of 😉 I sincerely recommend.

Questions and answers

Find answers to frequently asked questions about rental management in Krakow

We offer RentMasters rental management service in Krakow. We specialize in management in the city center and the north of Krakow. This allows us to have a great knowledge of the market and quick, effective action.

Property renovations are not the subject of services

The management contract is normally signed for an indefinite period, with a three-month notice period.

The cost of management is 12% per month on the amount of the rent (that is, without utilities). Remuneration is payable only when the apartment brings income to the owner. The brokerage for finding a suitable tenant is one month's fee. There are no additional or hidden costs.

If there is an authorized person on site to hand over the keys and necessary documents, it is possible to remotely transfer the apartment

The owner should prepare the Land and Mortgage Register number, the last gas / electricity / internet / TV bill and a statement of payments to the Cooperative / Housing Community. The owner is required to provide a power of attorney for the care of the apartment with a notarized signature.

Remuneration for the rental management service is due only when the owner receives rental income.

The owner remains decisive and has insight into all signed documents and activities performed during management

We only deal with long-term leases. We sign contracts with tenants for a period of one year with the possibility of renewal.

Yes. The nature of the cooperation implies that from the signing of the agreement between RentMasters and the owner, we act in the name and on behalf of the owner as an exclusive representative.