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Long-term management

Property management in Krakow

Property management is a process that includes the preparation of an apartment for rent and all activities that occur during the term of the contract and after its termination. Based on the experience of RentMasters and the preferences of the Owner, the apartment is prepared and an offer and photos are created for potential tenants. The next step is to present the apartment at times suited to the potential tenant. After the information is verified and the best candidate is selected, a secure occasional rental agreement is drawn up. During the term of the rental agreement, we take care of the payments, we represent the Owner in front of the Tenant and the Administration, we control the condition of the apartment, and in the event of faults, we organize repairs and materials. When the rental contract ends, we will take care of the settlement of the deposit and re-renting.

4 stages of rental management

  1. Lease appraisal

  2. Safe rental [for a minimum of one year]

    1. Preparation of an apartment for rent
      • inventory of the apartment
      • Photo session
      • preparation of the advertisement
      • placement and promotion of the offer
    2. Finding and verifying the tenant
    3. Presentation of the apartment
    4. Preparation of a secure contract
  3. Ongoing rental service

    • Supervision over the tenant’s timely payments
    • Payment and settlement of rent in the cooperative / community and the media
    • Control of the condition of the premises
    • Solving current issues related to lease and operation
    • Removing breakdowns from faults in the apartment
  4. After the contract is over, we will pick up the premises and find the tenant again